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Nathan M. - Buddy

Lake Ozark Missouri

Buddy has been loving the “Western” style beef Meridian food for several months now and I feel a great peace of mind knowing that he is eating some of the best nutritious food I can offer him. He is a big boy, a Boxane, well over 110lbs and he looks so handsome, shiny coat and nowhere near as itchy as he used to be as a puppy. His mental happiness couldn’t be better. I am on a budget and feed him a different, good brand of wet canned food but I always make sure I have his Meridian on hand and he eats a whole dish full.
Thank you from Nathan & Buddy Mays

Mary R. - Faray

Chetopa ks

The shipment of food didn’t get here and my daughters ran out of dog food. I picked up Meridian for her dogs and they love it.

Jenny B. - Gilbert


My Boston terrier has always had the worst gas. He can clear a room real fast! I read that a grain free diet should help so I switched him to Meridian. It was the best decision I’ve made! We are so happy with Meridian, our nostrils are too!!!

Bethany B. - Lita

Des Moines, Iowa

My Chihuahua, Lita, second from the right, kept coughing and gagging. Someone suggested grain-free dog food. None of the food I tried helped her. Then I found Meridian Twighlight. Lita stopped coughing and gagging within a couple of days. We love this dog food!

Brian B. - Dodger

New Concord Ohio

We tried Meridian as it was on sale locally. Dodger enjoyed. I got all four flavors and gave him two taste tests. He went for the green bag with chicken both times and has never looked back!

Betty F. - Freckles

Carlise, lowa

I tried your products a year ago when I won a gift card at the pet expo and my picky little eater loves all the flavors!

Rick F. - Willow

My picky dogs really love the beef meal. Willow will not eat actual meat easily but loves her Meridian!

Patricia R. - Allie

Robbins, NC

My dog Allie is a 7 year old Basset Hound who had a shedding problem (bad) and was constantly scratching – not fleas – food allergies. I went on the hunt and found Meridian Dog Food at the local store. Bought it and within the first week the scratching stopped and so did the excessive shedding. She looked like a new dog. I love your product! And so does sweet Allie. Thank you sincerely!

Patty (Allie’s mom) 

MaryJo - Suri-(aka-Sweetheart)

Grinnell, Iowa 50112

I make my own dog food and treats and I wanted my girl to have good, nutritional food that she liked to eat. Meridian Lamb is her favorite and the only dry food she will eat. I love the ingredients and know she is eating healthy. I also like the newsletter, coupons, free samples and overall updates I am sent.

Phyllis D. - Cami, Penny, Baylee, Buddy

Columbus, Ohio

I have four dogs of different breeds. All small size dogs ( weight 15 lb) and they seem to be doing really good since we put them on Meridian. The price is reasonable for a grain free product of which two of the dogs need. The only problem is hard to fine. I have one store in Columbus that I buy it from but they usually only have two or three sacks. I would love to have a grain free small bites available. I’ve had dogs for 15 years and this is the best dog food so far just make it available

Jessie C. - Golden Retriever

Reedsville, WI

I want to thank you for the samples you sent me last month. Our Golden Retriever was losing weight rapidly because she suddenly refused to eat her food. It was making her vomit, so I understand why she didn’t want anything to do with it. I had intended the samples you sent me to be for my other dog, but our Golden Retriever was the one who enjoyed the food. After seeing her enthusiasm as she voraciously consumed each bowl, we went to our local store and bought the biggest bag we could find of the Riverbend recipe, which seemed to be her favorite. She’s finally maintaining a healthy weight and no more vomiting! Thank you!

Debra T. - Sassy Ann

Knoxville, TN

Sassy is 16 mos old. She is a chi-weenie and I have tried every dry food out there and on-line then I saw this as a trial size. I thought well I’m not paying up to 40$ a bag if she won’t eat it and giving it away but WOW she loves this. I got Daybreak – just WOW she loves it!!!

The pic is of cat too they are never separate

Jennifer W. - Bear

Newburgh, IN

We can’t say enough good things about this food! Our dog Bear loves the Daybreak and Riverbend flavors. His coat looks great and he is excited about his food again. I would highly recommend this line for anyone who wants to feed a quality food for their pets at a good price. Thanks!

Justin D. - Aurora and Sokka

My two pups, Aurora and Sokka, have fell in love with Meridian Dog Food! They especially enjoyed the Riverbend and Twilight mixes. Both seemed to have more energy than they did when I fed them other premium brands. They have also received countless compliments about their coats during the time they have been eating Meridian Grain-Free Dog Food. Sokka, the Black Lab, enjoyed it so much I had to buy a new bowl to slow down his eating pace. Also, I was able to train Sokka to balance an engagement ring on his snout with the help of Meridian treats. All in all, I highly recommend these grain-free products for any dogs out there.


JT W. - Bear

Newburgh, IN

I wanted to let you know about my experience with the Meridian line of products. I have a Blue Tick Coon Hound (Bear) who is almost 4 years old now and has been on a diet of corn and wheat free foods in the past. I was interested in trying the grain free Meridian line to see if it would produce a noticeable improvement for Bear. I was pleasantly surprised to find that his skin and coat did have a noticeable improvement with less shedding and less dry skin and dandruff. Bear was also much more interested in eating, I tried a few of the varieties but Bear was very happy with the Meridian Daybreak formula! Thank you for the quality product.

Lisa H. - Rex and Roxie

Meadville, PA

We have just switched over to the new Meridian dog foods. We have tried all 4 of the varieties and our dogs seem to love them all. I think beef seems to be their favorite, but it is hard to tell since they clean their bowls at every feeding. We have noticed they are not eating as much as they did of their old food, and are not constantly hungry and begging like they did before switching their food. Their coats are starting to get much more shiny and I am sweeping up much less dog hair then I used to.

Thank you for making this new food and keeping my dogs healthy and looking fit. We love that we can feed a healthy diet from a family owned company that really cares about our pets as much as we do! Look at how well my fur babies look.

PS. My husband is happy he is saving time by not having to clean up the yard as much!!

Megan C. - Mia

Mia loves the Meridian line of food! As soon as she hears the container open, she is there waiting for her bowl. She used to be the kind of dog that would graze throughout the day, but now she eats her food as soon as she gets it. She likes each flavor, but her personal favorite is fish, even though she has to guard it from her cat siblings. With this delicious food, Mia has all the energy and nutrition she needs to run and play!