Why is Meridian™ Food for Dogs such a good choice for my dog?

Meridian™ Pet Food products are made with the finest ingredients and the highest level of production standards to ensure high-quality products for your pets. Our grain-free and gluten-free products provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition to help keep your dog healthy, energetic and satisfied.

Do Meridian™ products contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives?

No. Meridian™ Pet Foods do not include any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. When feeding Meridian™, your pet will always get a no-nonsense meal.

Are all Meridian™ products produced in the USA?

Yes. All Meridian™ Pet Food products are made at one of our four family-owned production facilities located in the USA.

Do all Meridian™ ingredients come from within the USA?

We source all ingredients from suppliers in the USA if ingredients are available, grown, or produced in the USA. There are a few exceptions, such as flaxseed, which comes from Canada, and lamb meal, which we get from Australia or New Zealand. Our vitamin premixes are formulated, sourced and blended in the USA by a US company in a human-grade facility. Certain subparts of the vitamin premixes are only available overseas due to the nature of those particular elements. All ingredients are thoroughly tested and undergo many quality and safety checks.

What does holistic mean and why is that important for my dog?

Holistic is characterized as ‘treating the whole body’. Meridian™ Food for Pets provides holistic nutrition through the use of premium proteins, vegetables and fruits, Omega fatty acids, essential vitamins and chelated minerals. Each formulation provides nutrition that will benefit your pet’s entire body as a whole, even pleasing the mind by providing a taste your pet will crave. Meridian™ Food for Pets will satisfy your pet’s appetite AND nutritional needs, helping to maintain enduring health and physical well-being.

What is the difference between real meat meal and real meat?

Real meat meal contains far more meat protein and nutrients than a similar amount of meat. For example, real lamb meal provides 4-5 times the amount of nutrients as the same amount of lamb. The reason for this is that lamb is approximately 70% water, whereas real lamb meal is only about 5% water. 100 pounds of real lamb meal provides 50 pounds of high-quality balanced protein while 100 pounds of lamb provides only 9-10 pounds of protein.

Can my puppy eat Meridian™ Food for Dogs?

Our Meridian™ Riverbend formula is specially formulated to provide proper nutrition for dogs in every stage of life, including when they are puppies. After the ‘puppy stage’, or the first full year of growth, he or she can begin to enjoy other Meridian™ formulas as well.

Are there special steps I should take to transition my dog from our current food to Meridian™ Food for Dogs?

When transitioning from one type of dog food to another it is important to gradually introduce the new food to avoid an upset stomach which might be brought on by a sudden change in diet. We recommend blending some of the new food with the food you are currently using and gradually increasing the amount of the new food over a period of 7-10 days until fully transitioned to the new food. This gradual change will allow your dog to get used to new flavors and different types of ingredients. Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines shown on the packaging for recommendations on the proper amount to feed.

Do you offer coupons or special promotions directly to consumers?

Yes. You can sign up to receive coupons and special offers through our Monthly Newsletter by clicking on the Subscribe link to submit your name and email address.

Is Meridian™ packaging recyclable?

Meridian™ packaging is classified as a type 7 recyclable material. Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept materials with this classification.

Does your Meridian™ packaging contain BPA’s?

No. Meridian™ packaging is BPA-Free. BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that can be used in the production of certain plastics. Research shows that BPA can seep into food from those types of packages and if consumed the BPA can potentially cause health problems. We use BPA-Free packaging to avoid this type of potential health problem.

Have any Meridian™ products ever been recalled?

No. In fact, Nunn Milling Company has been in business since 1926 and none of our pet food products have ever been recalled.